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I love the toning in this series. I have visions of you in photojournalism capturing the lives of these students..


45 is kind of high already. I believe that that's what it is like here in NYC. 100 is way too huge a number.

Ashish Sidapara

90 per class is a very high number. If they want to do it, then the facilities and the infrastructure needs to be addressed first. Great series as always Sidney!


I guess its bad news for all the kids if they decide to listen to Aroyyo. I know whats its like to be in an overcrowded classroom. Like in highschool where the teachers threats to the class when she couldnt control them was to 'close the windows and we'll
all suffocate in here:)'

nice photos.


Wow. That's a very high ratio. Here we are at a 30 to 1 ratio, thank goodness. I can't imagine more than that.


just lovely tones. my pers. favorite is first shot :)


Superb shots and reportage : interesting mathematics!


even in private schools, average number of students per class is 50. that's how we were when i was still in highschool. and i think also in elementary.

while reading this, the issue before of corruption in DepEd came to my mind.

and sidney, hugs also from the comment whore :)


Probably my favorite in this series.

When my dad was young, in High school, in the late 1930's-early 1940's, they used a split session school day to deal with overcrowding and understaffing right here in New Jersey USA. Class sizes were 45x2. Now 25 is considered bordering on overcrowding, yet oddly enough the education is not as good as it was in terms of reading skills at least than it was when my dad was in school. Less kids graduate with grade level reading scores and ready to go on to college than when my dad was in school. Of course now they hand you a diploma regardless as long as you show up and back then if you failed to achieve, you didn't get a diploma.

It's difficult to deal with government school systems no matter where they are. I hope somehow things improve there.


Nice monochrome shots, Sidney.


Magnifique reportage sur l'école....mais la politique reste la politique.....


oh well, politicians will always be a politician.

Lovely images. :)


The double shift idea would work better, in my opinion because over crowding in classrooms are not good at all. Sometimes students may fail to grasp what the teacher is teaching in front.

I love the tones in the photos, ang galing, Sidney!



Hey Sidney, looks like I missed a lot here for a last few days.
i got involved in a new things on my own... but seems to me like your serie is evolving in some kind of long term project. Fantastic photographs, great idea! Did you ever check "PhotoShelter" ? I think you should consider, especially with this series. Make a google search for -photoshelter- as I don't want to spam your post with any links.


hi, sidney! i love the school series. the smiles on their faces are fantastic.


Nice capture of the classroom Sidney and a very readable post too!

Btw: So you say I should be a journalist? Before I can call myself that I have a lot to learn - from you:-)


normally it`s the other way around, more illatred girls..
but I love the tones you got..


Politicians can really make bad things look good.

She might have solved the classroom shortage but not the most important - the shortage of competent and good teachers.

Economist, lawyers and politicians, they sometimes are all the same.


nice series... i dont agree with pgma's idea...

Gérard Méry

J'ai aperçu Léonard de Vinci écrit au tableau, un grand personnage qui à son musée à 20 kms de chez moi à Amboise. bravo pour ton reportage sur les étudiants.


funny, in a sign of our declining standards of education in the UK, "experts" are trying to tell us that far larger class sizes are better too!
Things can't be too bad though when the kids are being are being taught about hyperbole; god knows what english kids of that age would think it meant!


The schools in Delhi have been doing this for a very long time. All the schools run by government have two shifts. One that starts early in the morning for girls and the other that starts in the afternoon for the boys. If there wer to be only 1 shift, things would have been impossible to manage.


You should make this whole series into a book. These are awesome!


education is one of the sectors greatly comprised simply because our dear president put more budget on defense in support to USA's wage against terrorism.

i think the ratio of students versus classrooms was worsen with the recent Milenyo typhoon. some public schools resort to a half day class just to divide the numbers of students who can't be accomodated. what can a student learn for a whole day, she/he has to squeeze in half a day.


The black and white photos are excellent for this kind of shots. Looks like the classrooms of the past decades haven't changed !

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